So, you’ve found the page and are probably wondering what exactly GET AHEAD is, and why it (well – me, for now) is blogging.

GET AHEAD is a project of AHEAD, which is funded by FÁS.

It is intended to be a space or forum for Graduates with Disabilities where they can share and discuss their experiences of the move from education to employment. In turn I want to help to spread this information and advice to others who may be about to embark upon this journey. As well as providing a space for this practical advice and personal experience GET AHEAD provides a directory of valuable information. GET AHEAD also provides a training program ‘Get Ready for Work’ which covers issues such as employment law, disclosure, career guidance and advice. Finally GET AHEAD also tries to take these issues forward and lobby for change where needed to improve the experiences of graduates with disabilities.

Why blog?

Well, GET AHEAD has been around for 4 years now, and while it has a mailing list that I use to send out information – it is time that we moved on a little. Bringing GET AHEAD online, creating a space here, on the web, will hopefully allow us to get more information out and recieve more in. I’m hoping to try and keep all readers up to date with what I’m doing, with anything relevant that’s happening and to share experiences, stories, in a way that will be of use to you. In short, I’m experimenting 🙂