I’m a pretty private person, but in workshops, in forums I’ve tried to get better at sharing, and its taken practice to figure out the boundaries. What’s useful, what’s too much, what’s keeping some privacy for me, and so on. But I know that I benefit (most of the time) from what other people share. Probably because its real, and, not general broad brush strokes. So I presume sharing my experiences has the same effect. I hope anyway.

Sharing isn’t always something we do easily but learning from others experiences can be so helpful. GET AHEAD was formed from people sharing their experiences and as more and more people with disabilities go to college, graduate, go to work, more people have stories to tell. But not just graduates with disabilities. All your stories are relevant, all have something that may be of use to another person, may just tell them that they aren’t the first person in this situation, or just that people get through difficult situations, or whatever. Does that mean we are willing to share our stories, knowing that they may help others? You read this blog – what are your stories? Would you be willing to tell me, other readers, your experiences of being a graduate looking for work, of being a graduate with a disability in work, whatever your stories of seeking employment are (as an employer, person with or without disability, person with or without job, an advisor, whoever you are). Would you share?