This blog isn’t meant to be a personal one where I talk about me me me, but I think it might be helpful if I shared a little about myself, just so you know where I’m coming from.

Right now I’m the co-ordinator of GET AHEAD (since last May (2008)) and prior to that, I worked on the WAM Project in AHEAD (Association for Higher Education Access and Disability). I’ve worked with AHEAD for several years now, doing some part time work while in college (on lots of different bits & pieces) and then, shortly after I (finally) finished my masters in 2006 I started to work full time here.

I’m a graduate of UCD (I’ve a BA (2004) & a Masters in Equality Studies (2006)) I spent at least half my time in college doing other things apart from studying – mostly students union related, but not all (c’mon, I was a student, but we’re not going there, this is a work blog after all). I was a Disability Rights Officer for UCD Students Union and then for USI (the Union of Students in Ireland) and these things combined with what I later studied are probably what led me to where I am today. I’m deaf & diabetic, I’ve been there, been a student and a graduate with a disability, but I know that my experience is just mine. I’ve worked not just for AHEAD, but elsewhere too – and all of it fairly recently. So, I’d like to think I understand some of the issues around the area of employment for students and graduates with disabilities, from personal experience and work experience.

I think things can be better, I think there’s much more to do, and much more to talk about. I want to talk about it here, with you.