This evening, Senator Feargal Quinn is speaking in the O’Reilly Hall in the second of our annual lecture series “Disability in Contemporary Ireland” sponsored by Irish Life & Permanent. Last year, before I began in this job, President Mary McAleese came and talked to us in what was an amazing occasion. You can find her speech here. I’m looking forward to hearing what he has to say as a prominent businessman and politician, with a very strong connection to the 3rd level sector. We’re filming the lecture, and if I can, I will post it up here, somehow! It will hopefully be an interesting evening with lots of opportunity for people to mix and talk, as well as listening to what the Senator says.

It’s also where I’ll be publicizing the blog, well, more like launching it, so hopefully from here on in, this blog will truly become a space for sharing and talking about all the different experiences of graduates with disabilities as I’ve talked about briefly here and here! I’m looking forward to continuing to develop this over the next while, so here’s to getaheadblog! * cuts imaginary ribbon/ opens doors/ pops champagne corks *