Thursday was our second annual GET AHEAD lecture, sponsored by Irish Life & Permanent. This year, we had Senator Feargal Quinn speaking and of course the blog launch! Senator Quinn was warmly welcomed and what he had to say was very well recieved. I attach his speech here and also the press releases from the day. I hope to put up some video soon as we filmed the whole lecture.

I think it was successful – anyone here who was at it have any feedback? Probably what I enjoyed most, apart from the Senator’s speech, was the social aspect of it. People really seemed to be talking to each other and as there were people there from many different backgrounds (disability organisations, students, employers, policy makers, civil service and so on) this was great to see!

The blog has so far been well received, and I’ve fixed some of the problems people were having – including making it easier to comment, so on we shall go….


Some photos from the event