To be honest, its been a bit chaotic round here, I’m in and out of the office continuously (see all the posts about careers fairs) So the blog isn’t getting the attention I want to give it. This will change – I promise. A quick run down of the next few weeks.

  • Next week is the big AHEAD conference (that’ll get a post or two of its own)
  • The following week, I’m at a conference abroad as part of another project. I’m really looking forward to it, because its all about Disability Legislation and Higher Education – and I’m interested to hear what other similar organisations to ourselves have. Ideas, inspiration, discussion, enthusiasm – it’ll be great!
  • We’re also moving offices, and carrying out some small techy improvements that week. (Update: new contact details etc will be up then, phone & email won’t change)
  • Ongoing in the midst of all of this is the budget drama that has everyone watching money disappear into lots of different places. What this means for disabled people, education, grant schemes etc, really isn’t clear. If I figure it out – I’ll get something up on it. Anyone else get it?
  • I’m also trying to carry out a review of the careers fairs – how to make them more disability friendly. That’ll be a long term work in progress but any thoughts welcome.

Did I mention chaos? (very orderly obviously and I’ll try line up posts so you don’t have to suffer any of it)