Here’s one for you….

How do you define diversity? Because I keep finding it defined differently, each time leaving out a particular group, or even only naming certain groups. Wikipedia defines diversity as having several different meanings.
I think it is often used as a catchall phrase, thrown into conversation. But without having a clear cut definition maybe we are weakening it. I suppose what I mean is that we are perhaps making people think of it as only including x or y groups. Maybe we don’t need a definition of it? I know that when I see the word without qualification I think it includes me, but when I see groups listed out, I am frustrated at not being included. Surely, diversity should recognise difference. If we start to qualify or limit what differences we consider when talking of diversity, we are weakening it. Surely talk of diversity has to be inclusive? And if its not, isn’t it discriminatory?

I’m not sure about this, all I know is that broad brush strokes don’t change the details that make a difference in people’s lives.