Continuing on the issue of  making things accessible, one problem I frequently get asked about, and struggle with myself,  is making documents (eg job descriptions, information sheets, notes, application forms etc) accessible. It’s one of the bigger barriers out there for students/ employees with disabilities, espeically when it has to be dealt with on a day to day basis in work or studying.

Without even touching the area of training delivery and powerpoints (a whole other kettle of fish) , just foccussing on documents I’d just like to give this site a plug. NUIM have produced one of the simplest guides to accessible documents I know of. Yes, it’s aimed at students. Does that mean it’s irrelevant outside of college – definitely not! Popular when people find out about it, more often than not, people don’t know it exists. So, whatever you do, wherever you are, have a read, try and take on board some of the points enclosed and know that you are following best practice when you do. It’s not hard, and it’ll be of more benefit to more people than you can possibly imagine.