The HEA (Higher Education Authority) is creating a national strategy for higher education and is looking for submissions from stakeholders. Like any other consultation it is an opportunity to have your say and influence policy.

“The Higher Education Strategy Group has been established by the Minister for Education and Science with detailed terms of reference. The Group is expected to report to the Minister by year end. The Strategy Group are now inviting submissions for the first stage of the consultation process in respect of the development of the vision and objectives for Irish higher education. Accordingly, stakeholders are invited to submit

  • The three most significant changes that they would wish to see made to Irish higher education,


  • The barriers or obstacles which they would identify to the achievement of those objectives.”

More details can be found in this document. Submissions are due by the 19th June.

Whether you choose to participate in this or not, if you would like to share your three ideas with us, comments are always open and we’d be delighted to hear from you!