(yes, the title is vague, but read on, it makes sense, honestly!)

Recently I read two articles about Aspergers Syndrome in the context of education. And as I went from one to the other I noticed something, and while only small, it bothered me. And I began to wonder whether anyone else would notice it, and if so, what they thought about it.

You see, one article was in the Guardian on July 4th and the other in the Sunday Business Post on July 7th . So, similar time frames. Both write about Aspergers Syndrome in an educational context. Both talk to the parents of kids with AS. Both talk to people involved in education of people with AS (admittedly for different reasons) Both articles talk about the challenges and difficulties there can be in educating someone with AS.

Only one article quotes anybody with AS. Only one article talks to someone with AS about their experiences. Which gives you a better idea about AS?

I know which one I understood. And liked.

So yea. 2 ways of skinning a cat. 2 ways about writing about the same topic.