I’ve written before about Asperger’s and working, and today I saw this pop into my feedreader (feedreaders allow you to subscribe to blogs so that you can read them all in one place). A blogger I thoroughly enjoy reading, Penelope writes about being someone with Asperger’s syndrome, working, running a very successful business.  She’s putting together a series this week and if you check back you’ll see each of her posts.  Brazen Careerist, the business she founded is also very interesting – it is described as “a career management tool for next-generation professionals” and is also worth a look if you want to see one of the ways career management, recruitment and networking are developing.

Anyway, I thought the series she’s writing at the moment  might be of interest to some readers.


The other posts of this series

30 September 2009

29th October 2009

And slightly related – this post talks about how we can learn from people with autism or aspergers syndrome when it comes to developing social skills.