Next Tuesday, November 3rd,  AHEAD is launching a Charter on Inclusive Teaching in Learning. It’s endorsed by Irish Universities Association,  the National Access Office, the Irish Universities Quality Board, the Teachers Union of Ireland and the Disability Advisors Working Network and  Access Officers.

It’s a great achievement and one I’m rather excited about. We launched Good Practice Guidelines in 2008 and last April we held a Symposium on Inclusive Teaching and Learning based on the guidelines, at which we were trying to begin the process which has resulted in this Charter.  No one is going to read Good Practice Guidelines (it’s a very substantial 144 page book) from start to finish and that was never the idea. It was created as a reference point, a drop in document.  The Charter is the next step.

The aim of the Charter is to be a simple, outline of the key points of good practice in relation to inclusive teaching and learning. It is aimed at including disabled students in higher education, but honestly, the vast majority of the points make for better teaching for all students. Hopefully it will mean that pockets of excellence in teaching will be come the standard, the norm, rather than the rarity. Best of all, changing teaching practices doesn’t have to cost.

I’ll post the link to the charter and press release on Tuesday.