AHEAD’s mission is pretty clear. We would like to ensure that students with disabilities and specific learning disabilities get the information they need before going to college. When making a decision about college courses – undergraduate and postgraduate you may research information about supports in college.  Comprehensive information about support services for students with disabilities in higher education is on the QualifaX website – and we work with them to keep it up to date.

We are currently evaluating this page and would appreciate your thoughts. All those who send in responses to the below survey (also available in word format here) will be entered into a draw for a 4GB ipod shuffle (like this)

Ipod shuffle


One entry per person. Please send in your answers along with a name and postal address (in Ireland only) to getahead@ahead.ie, and marking your entry QUALIFAX. All responses must be in by the 26th January at 5pm.


QualifaX Survey

1. Are you familiar with the ‘disability resource’ page on QualifaX? (yes or no)

2. Have you used this facility? (yes or no)

3. If YES to question 2:

Did you find it easy to use? (yes or no)

Did you find it useful? (yes or no)

Did you get the information you needed? (yes or no)

4. If NO to question 2:

Were you aware of this page? (yes or no)

If you were aware of the page, but did not use it is there any particular reason you did not use it?

5. Have you any suggestions regarding this page?