Following on from yesterday’s post on our Mental Wellbeing conference, I wanted to point out that DCU in conjunction with Amnesty International is conducting a study: ‘Exploring the experience of discrimination as reported by people with mental health difficulties’ You can find out more here

Access for All is a four part Sound and Vision funded series that looks at the concerns of the disabled community in Dublin. Each episode took up a particular issue from the viewpoint of people with disabilities. The aim of the series was to facilitate individuals and the wider disabled community to become more visible through the process of making the series. It’s now available online here

AHEAD has a youtube channel where we’ve uploaded our information & training dvds and also anything we’ve managed to film over the last few years. You can find it here. Many are available with subtitling and signlanguage interpretation from us and I’ll try to upload those versions as well.

I use facebook to post links, stories of interest etc most of the time, but if you’re not a user of facebook, I’ll try to link some of them here, once a week. If you are on facebook, but haven’t signed up to the page, do!

For commentary, personal perspectives, information, and entertainment, I’m a huge fan of BBC Ouch. It’s something a little different for your weekend!