We are very pleased to invite students with disabilities to an exciting and inspirational event in the Kilmainham Hilton Hotel on Thursday 25th & Friday 26th November. We want to know what’s happening for students, and for you to shape your future.

We are looking for a student with a disability from every third level college in Ireland to sh…are their thoughts and experiences in a one day world café event (on Friday 26th) which will ask the question of these student ambassadors: “What would make your education amazing?, Will your education get you the career you dream of?”

To open the event (Thursday 25th November) there will be a dinner with the students and the people they aspire to be! This dinner will be hosted by John Murray of RTE and there will be other guests from the world of work there to talk to.

Understanding how we can make education better for students with disabilities, will hopefully ensure that you can have the same opportunities to access and succeed in work as your peers. Understanding that means listening to students and this will be the space for that to happen.

Interested in coming along? Then just email getahead@ahead.ie!