Pick of the Week: I’m trying to work against the odds

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Further & Higher Education

Minister for Education and Skills announces the providers of 1,000 additional PLC places as part of the Government’s Jobs Initiative

Is producing critically-minded citizens a luxury we can’t afford?

A socially enterprising university – a new model for Higher Education?

Certificate in Higher Education [Working with People with a Visual Impairment]

Is higher education prepared to deal with increasing complaints?

Some graduates in physics earning €100,000-plus

Welsh universities sent back to the drawing board on access proposals

A challenging, fresh take on a battered world


General Disability

Disability cuts: A mother’s cry for help, Mumsnet, and a media storm.

Irish athletes fly out to World Transplant Games

Stroke almost killed my grandson, Dunphy reveals

Exercise linked to reducing risk of Alzheimer’s

IFA to host a five-star display of football

Club Tropicana – providing vital social events for people with intellectual disabilities

I just want to dance, says brave Casey (5)

Discovery could fight genetic diseases

Becky can breathe again after historic lung operation

Revolutionary treatment could fulfil girl’s dream to see her mother’s face


General Education

‘Brains or breeding’ selection of pupils faces ban

Government shelves decision on mandatory Leaving Cert Irish

Rules for school entry face major reform

Minister may ban specific criteria for school admissions

Where problems lie when searching for the best education for a child

Our education is always worth a conversation

Stopped in his tracks

School defends record on special needs pupils

Today’s lesson: a school is not merely a building

School admissions


Mental Health in the Media

Increase in number of male suicide as rising unemployment linked to mental health problems

Study reveals suicide ‘cluster’ in area of Cork

SSIS project closure – Research key in tackling suicide rate

Youngsters suffering mental health issues

Get in the right frame of mind


And if you have some time over the weekend why not check out this blog post which is a round up of shows on the BBC featuring disability: Disability on the BBC this week