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Staff Picks:

Cap on student numbers proposed for third level

US envoy says voices of disabled must be heard

Call to enlist teachers’ views in deciding college entry

Total Amelia teen lauded for efforts in community

Irish students lost in translation

We must take the burden off young shoulders


Higher & Further Education News & Views

Developing higher education management: live chat best bits

Students challenge higher university fees in UK courts

Winning the double: Dublin’s key mentor picks up two university honours

Students say cap on third-level numbers would be disastrous

Entry to third level – Assessment is worth considering

Macro, micro and neutrino

Judge IT crowd by the same standards

UCC could clean up with its non-stick gum

Galway scientists help unravel genetic code of food crop

No decision on cutting student numbers

Stay in touch, NUIG asks graduates

New site for DIT faces the axe in cutbacks


Disability Headlines

Disability hate speech has no place anywhere – not even online

Report: 4,500 more intellectually disabled to seek assistance

Judge calls for sex offence law to be consolidated with reform

Transplant patient inspires Taoiseach to be an organ donor

A disability that nobody can see

What is life like for a teenage prodigy?

Fewer support marriage rights for those with disabilities

New cystic fibrosis inhaler hailed as a revolution for patients

Fewer support marriage rights for those with disabilities

DPP urges reform of disability sex laws

‘Protection’ breaches human rights

‘Locked-in’ patients still aware, test shows

British amputee first to be fitted with bionic leg


General Education Stories

Teachers warn Quinn they won’t assess work by their own pupils

Key changes to junior syllabus

Primary school transport charges set to double

Talk of job cuts is ‘soul-destroying’ for teachers – union

To Be Honest: An unheard voice in education

Quinn resolute on Junior Cert reform

Fast-food ban near schools proposed to fight child obesity

In My Opinion: Tackling our insecurites about languages is vital to the economy

Harsh lessons lie ahead for our graduate teachers

Kenny says work being done on education return scheme


Mental Health in the Media

Restoring lives as a mental health survivor

Shedding light on seasonal depression

Comedian felt it ‘was the end’ during years when business dried up

Schools play vital role in mental health

Strain on mental health services expected to grow


Employment Features

Four Destructive Myths Most Companies Still Live By

Consultants to review intern ‘job’ scheme