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Myopic government failing to make the grade on third-level education

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Higher & Further Education News & Views

Human rights activist Ken Saro Wiwa’s letters donated to NUI Maynooth

Institute to continue campus project despite funding cuts

College Fees ‘are necessary’

What Spurs Students to Stay in College and Learn? Good Teaching Practices and Diversity

Grant cut would force emigration, say students

Cork students to ride the waves of cosmic storms with launch of giant satellite dish

Dance like a liquid anyone? Action-packed event at Sligo campus

Sparking interest with slime, smoke and forensics

Fury over Quinn’s plan to axe grants for post-graduates

Genetic discrimination conference

Quinn favours increase in €2,000 student fee

Minister says fee promises ‘would be misleading’

Gilmore refuses to be drawn on fees

Quinn: I did not lie about student fees

Quinn ‘examining’ education funding report

The student protest: it’s not just about fees

Combine research with teaching – Quinn

Student grants applications to be processed online

70,000 students face cut in college grant

‘I’ll have to drop out if I don’t get a grant’

Disability Headlines

‘Lukewarm’ commitment to rights convention

Online tool launched for neurological conditions

Diabetics at risk due to lack of awareness, survey shows

Game-changing discovery if trials can be reproduced

Part settlement of €1m approved for boy aged 7 with spastic cerebral palsy

General Education Stories

Kids carry secret burden of cyberbullying perpetrated outside the school gates

Martin to resist cuts to education in budget

New study finds quarter of youngsters bullied

A new leaf: all you need to know about the new Junior Cert

Excessive homework ‘a pointless exercise’ for students

Wealthier schools benefit from tax breaks

School principals call for change

School with no pupils closes doors — seven weeks into term

Advisers urge phased transfer of schools

Quinn deserves credit for establishing forum even if timeline was unrealistic

Locations identified for schools handover

Educate Together in secondary school move

Mental Health in the Media

Expert: Ban psych labels such as ADHD

Poverty has impact on mental health, says TD

Most farmers would hide mental illness

Employment Features

Three Types of People to Fire Immediately

The Question That Will Change Your Organization

Coming out in the workplace

Plan for employers to pay for sick leave draws criticism

Sick pay changes ‘to cost thousands of jobs’

That elusive work/life balance is harder to achieve if you work from home – ESRI

Employees should pay for sick leave, says Healy Eames