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Aspirations rather than resolutions

Moving to transform the educational environment with the latest technology


Higher & Further Education News & Views

M.I.T. Game-Changer: Free Online Education For All

Skills shortages can be addressed

Moratorium cost lecturer her contract, tribunal told

UCC hopes Chinese award leads to funding

Chinese culture centre wins prestigious award

Students staying home as UK fee hike looms

Britain’s £9k fee to put pressure on Irish colleges

Kevin Myers: ‘TCD denies free speech to right-wing speakers’

UL to mark 40th anniversary with scholarship offer

Fás reform could mean more courses by private companies


Disability Headlines

Union: Pupils will lose out over changes to learning support

Woman trapped in 12-year-old’s body seeks help for rare illness


General Education Stories

Quinn sets up audit into how private schools spend €120m fees

Not all fee-paying schools are created equal

Irish private schools take in €227m annually

Single-sex schools are targeted for teacher cut

Steer children to science, parents urged

No powers to force healthy vending machine options at schools

Parents ‘penalised’ for choosing fee-paying schools

Young scientists weigh up effects of low doses and high heels

Fee-charging schools urged to take part in audit

An idle exercise

If our unique role is lost, who will young people turn to?

David Quinn: Fee-paying schools are not a drain on taxpayers


Mental Health in the Media

Volunteers patrol river in bid to prevent suicides

Community unites to tackle suicide problem by letting people know ‘they are not on their own’

A father’s story: ‘It is very hard, but we still talk about him’

Advertising push similar to that for road safety sought

Report: Jobs freeze could cripple HSE

Mental health awareness to top bill as unique arts festival kicks off in Dublin

Drink driving laws ‘increase suicides’


Employment Features

Number of deaths in workplace rises 15%

High-tech sector better for jobs than traditional areas, says IDA

Ireland must become obsessed with creating jobs, says Bruton