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Picks of the week:

The Irish Examiner did a big feature on Mental Health this week that we would really recommend reading. The links are below under ‘Mental Health in the Media’

Small talk at the movies: cinemas let autistic children make some noise

Supporting vocational learners: a focus on transition from FE to HE (from the Guardian Blog)


Further & Higher Education News

College closure leaves 20 staff without jobs and 360 students without classes

Language teaching sector worth €274m

‘They are robbers. They stole my money. I want my €2,300 back…but I don’t know what I can do’

Company had over €200,000 in bank just six months ago

Demand for college places falls

Points for science and tech courses to rise as student demand shifts

Kenny Dalglish Endorses Boccia World Cup

Colleges seek bond to protect students

Innovation in part-time study: adapting to the needs of professional learners

Student income has fallen by 33%

‘Back to Education’ payments double as jobless rate soars


Disability Headlines

How rock’n’roll can take its toll

North has highest rates of post-traumatic stress

Surviving a Long-Lasting Battle with Severe Depression

Colin Farrell opens up about his sons disability

Bacon ‘increases risk of diabetes’


General Education Articles

Cost of uniforms and books anger parents.

Free schools outperform fee-paying schools

A dozen ways to take the edge off back-to-school expenses

Transport to school: Counting costs of getting there


Mental Health in the Media

Head of suicide office threatens to resign

Suicide prevention – A service undermined

Finding a path to recovery

Bridging the divide between one reality and another

A broader platform to discuss mental health service concerns

Our mindset, rooted in a biomedical approach, needs a radical overhaul

MyMind: Mental Health Matters

National suicide prevention director threatened to resign in staffing row

€9.6m to house 60 troubled teenagers last year

€22m spent on mental health agency staff, overtime

Patients ‘not able to access’ psychologists


Employment Issues

Employers exploit internship scheme to get free workers


Pick of the week: Love of theatre saved my life

The Dept of Education has published “Literacy & Numeracy Learning for Life”, which we would encourage all to read.


Further & Higher Education News

College bosses to resist further job cuts

Is Higher Education Worth the Money?

Minister for Education and Skills announces the allocation of 3,000 additional BTEI places under the Jobs Initiative

TCD denies ‘painful’ tests on animals

Irish students win technology prize

Road safety system drives Irish team to tech success


Disability Headlines

‘Trial tests’ for DLA claimants

Patients urged to raise funds for limb-saving therapy

Patient has double leg transplant

Smile could help identify autism risk

Disability group wins plaudits

Áras not a retirement home, says candidate


General Education Articles

Protest against special needs cutbacks

State could breach law on special needs, says McGrath

800 protest outside Leinster House at cuts to SNA numbers

Quinn unveils plan to transform maths and reading

Quinn begins talks to lower cost of schoolbooks

Sherlock gets maths problem to solve

Junior Cert cut to eight subjects under new government plan

Make Irish optional and cut junior cycle, say students

Proposal to build €49m education campus

Independents criticise special needs provisions

Cutting special needs

A fantastic, plastic education

Back to school costs €400 per child – new research


Mental Health in the Media

Link between alcohol and suicide should be addressed

Row delayed 16-year-old’s access to psychiatric services

People can and do recover from mental illness

Keeping your mental health safe online

Use of anti-depressants soars


Other articles of interest

Fewer than half take action over discrimination

Ignorance of rights hampers victims of discrimination

Discrimination report – Perception of behaviour is important

The AHEAD View: The Jobbridge Scheme


Food for Thought: For Some With Autism, Jobs to Match Their Talents


Focus on Mental Health: The Vincent Browne Show (TV3) on Tuesday 5th July focused exclusively on Mental Health. Minister of State Kathleen Lynch joined Vincent to debate mental health services and strategies.

You can view the entire show online: Vincent Browne Show, Tues 5th July


A few favourites this week:


Further & Higher Education News

Unpaid internships: a JobBridge to nowhere?

Criticism of plans for education ‘unfair’

Maths ‘best third level subject’

Maths and science boost gives hope for our future

VEC chiefs divided on redeployment

Australia beckons for young jobseekers

Interest up in science as college applications slip

Applications rise for science courses

€500 rise in third-level ‘fee’ cannot be revoked, says Quinn

Student’s research project has lift off

Cork VEC demands meeting with Kenny

Announcement on VECs soon


Disability Headlines

When will there be time to look at ‘Time to Move On’

Getting People with Disabilities Back to Work

Public donations to guide dog charity fall by €1m

The IPad’s Secret Abilities

Girl’s transplant hopes dashed by airlift failure

All new babies to be screened for cystic fibrosis

Charities threaten legal action over benefits cuts for disabled

€7m is pumped into voice-activation project

Special Olympians make triumphant return from Athens games

All of us on the organ list share an obsession — time

Psychiatrists back findings of critical disability report

Lynch to visit ‘unsuitable’ institution for intellectually disabled


General Education Articles

Free special needs pre-schooling plan

‘Non-teachers’ taught thousands

Zero tolerance on unqualified or retired teachers urged

Getting kids to school is up to parents, not the State

Minister says schools can seek voluntary contributions

School appeals entry bias against Traveller

Primary teachers ‘not comfortable’ with confronting gay bullying

Still waiting 7 years on

All school bus options studied, minister claims

Dáil protest over special needs cuts

Teacher training course reform


Mental Health in the Media

Study finds worrying attitudes to depression

Quarter of people still think depression a ‘state of mind’

Directorate to overhaul mental health services

Lack of funds and hiring ban hitting mental health plan, says report

Resilience and Work


Other articles of interest

Learning to talk the talk

The Search is on for the World’s Best Young Social Entrepreneurs

You can now apply for your student grant online! We would encourage all students to apply as soon as possible!

All the information you need is available on studentfinance.ie. You can also apply through the website.

UPDATED Monday 27.06.2011 More information on changes here

See message below from Ann Heelan, Director of AHEAD:

RE: SPRINGBOARD eligibility for graduates with disability

The excellent Springboard Initiative has 5,900 new higher education places available to unemployed people on Higher Education courses directed at meeting skill shortages identified by Forfas such as ICT, Retro fitting and the green economy.

Unfortunately these innovative opportunities are closed to unemployed people with disabilities because of the social welfare category within which they find themselves, disability allowance rather than unemployment benefits.  This decision to excluse those on disability allowance is based on the assumption that they are unavailable for work, an assumption which simply is not true. A great many people with disabilities have good qualifications, are unemployed due to their disability or the effect of the recession but want to work and to avail of educational opportunities available to other unemployed people.

The situation of the economy is in crisis, we all know this but it does not justify excluding citizens by denying them their entitlement to participate in education.  A recent UN Report of the independent expert on the question of human rights and extreme poverty, Magdalena Sepúlveda clearly states that human rights are not dispensable in times of economic hardship.  It recognises the discrimination that disabled people face in education and in the workplace and urges the Irish Government to meet its commitment to the education and employment of people with disabilities.

The decision to exclude graduates with disabilities from this innovative initiative is unfair and risks discrimination.  Furthermore it is disconnected from objectives in the National Plan to widen education and employment opportunities. Many People with disabilities want to train and up-skill and have the same opportunities to enter alternative careers and this regressive measure puts them once again at the back of an ever lengthening queue.

Ensuring education courses are open to students with disability is standard practice throughout he higher education sector which has made enormous strides in recent years to ensure equality of educational opportunities to disadvantaged groups.  Many courses allocate quotes to students with disability could Springboard not do the same?  Allocating a quota of places on Springboard for unemployed graduates would allow them as citizens ofIrelandto benefit equally from the great opportunities afforded to their peers by Springboard.

We urge you to please endorse our position by contacting me by e.mail ann.heelan@ahead.ie

Your support is much appreciated.

Ann Heelan

Executive Director

Another week down and the weather is looking up for the weekend!

This weeks pick of the week is Tony Bates Column in the Irish Times, the first of a two part series on suicide:

We must give young people a reason to live

Other articles of interest:

UN claims State’s poor hardest hit by low taxes

UN human rights expert calls for higher taxes for those who can afford it

Cut of 250 language support teachers

Special Olympics chief to decide on Aras run in days

‘Talk therapy’ options replace medication

‘Little evidence’ anti-psychotics help treatment of challenging behaviour

School’s out for the home-educators

Disability hate crime could lead to more suicides like Fiona Pilkington

It’s time to re-imagine the ways we teach our children

Focus on the task, not yourself. . .

Religion class must be easy to opt out of, says report

College offer to jobless in skills drive

Education report: rights body backs diversity in schools

Top ten tips from the experts to make the most of pre-exam time

University entrance scholarships explained

O’Reilly calls for radical reform of education

Foreign language for college may be ended

Quinn warns on rising pupil numbers

MS Ireland and UL join forces to further research

Scheme aims to reskill 6,000 jobless

We’re no longer the best: Quinn

Call to expand rehabilitation services for crash survivors

Employers want recruits to hold 2:1 honours degrees

Taoiseach commits to radical education reforms

Quinn: Education standards slipped

Judge warns parents about pupils missing school

Administrator welcomes debate on religion in schools

A little bit later than usual as I was out of the office on Friday. Happy Reading!

My pick of the week is actually a video this week: The Others

Number of students finishing second level at all-time high

Calls for probe into third-level spending after new revelation

Number sitting Leaving Cert rises

Rugby star opens up about how he tackled bouts of depression

Orgy of expenditure by WIT boss amounts to a €6.7m splurge

Review of funding for fee-paying schools

Disclosing a mental health problem to employers

Back to basics

I’m quite soft. I get emotional

Rugby star opens up about how he tackled bouts of depression

How can we tackle the rise in self-harm?

Must try harder: this year’s report card for the key figures in higher education

Waking up to the use and abuse of ‘study drugs’ in Irish colleges

Autistic boy’s father threatens legal action

Demand for college places growing

Schools hit hard with special needs cap

The REAL star of the Royal Wedding: How Kate Middleton’s brother recited Bible passage off by heart to overcome dyslexia

Quinlan bares his soul over illness

Early school play is the key to a higher standard in young adults

Body clock drug as good as standard anti-depressants

Google’s search for self-drive cars

Respite services restored for those with intellectual disabilities

The last thing the Junior Certificate needs is a quick fix – it’s not entirely broken

Teacher’s pet

Mental health job fear for one in five with stress

Student abuse of wakefulness drug leads to restrictions

Cuts to special needs teaching may be avoided next autumn

Special needs – Education is sacrosanct

Starbucks sued for firing woman because she was a dwarf

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