(Or how this is meant to work)

This blog was set up to try and communicate more, from me to you and vice versa – and you and anyone else who reads it. It isn’t meant to just be me talking at you… There’ll be a fair bit of that, admittedly, but I hope it won’t just be that, or at least that when I do, its relevant & useful. I put up articles, written by me, or guest posts (see below about being a guest writer) and then its open for discussion or comment.

Comments are welcome – if you’ve any problems commenting, let me know. (getahead@ahead.ie)

On each post or article there is the title and under that a subheading that says who put up the article (always me) the category the article falls under and whether there are any comments (No comments/ 1 comment etc). If you click on that it will ask you for a name & email address and give you a space to enter your comments. Only I will see the email address – that stays private.  This way you can reply to what I say, ask questions, comment on something, reply to what others say, and so on, thus sharing in this blog.

If you’ve something (eg an event, a website, a service) you want me to advertise or something you think I should talk about, just leave a comment to that effect or email me at getahead@ahead.ie

Guest writers: If you are interested in writing an article for the blog, that would bea very welcome. However, for now at least, all such pieces have to come through me. getahead@ahead.ie

Subscribe? You can also use the little orange button in the title bar – y’know, this one feed-icon-28x28 This way,  you don’t have to check back all the time to see if I’ve said anything new. It’s free, and completely optional. You will recieve a notification each time I add something. The BBC have a very good explanation here


2 Responses to “How this works”

  1. Geraldine Says:

    Hey Niamh,

    Looks great. Fair play. I have just had a quick look around but will pop back in again and spend more time in here!

    Good luck. I will spread the word.

    Best Wishes,

  2. Niamh Says:

    You’re welcome anytime!

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