Pick of the week: My brain had swollen up and crushed itself

Report of the week: Learning to Reach Out


Further & Higher Education News

Putting faith in a broader vision of religion

Disability law scholarship

Students Take Part in Deaf Support Summer School

Students launch High Court challenge against ‘savage’ cuts to grants

A driving ambition to win

Louth VEC get extra up-skilling places


Disability Headlines

Dyslexie is a typeface for dyslectics

Lady Gaga upsets disability campaigners

Stem cell find a boost to fighting incurable illness

Worried you’ll get Alzheimer’s? Then follow these seven steps

Are you in danger of becoming diabetic without knowing it?

Implant could ease arthritis suffering


General Education Articles

Back to school bill hits €400 per child

Public want schools to develop rounded students

Rabbitte criticises lack of action on broadband


Mental Health in the Media

Mental health: The overbearing weight of money woes

Central Mental Hospital case reviews rise by 22% last year

Young go online for mental health help

Online mental health service gets 3,000 hits a week


Disability in the Workplace

Diversity: interview with Fiona Cannon, director of diversity and inclusion at Lloyds Banking Group



Ola and welcome to our ongoing week in review initiative. Lots of interesting and informative articles this week, as well as two very inspiring videos.

We are delighted to see Caroline Casey, CEO of Kanchi sharing her story with the world at TED. Check out her video here: Looking past limits 

Also this week, three very powerful pieces on the individual experience of living with a disability, caring for children who have disabilities and campaigning for better services:

  1. They asked me why would I want to live
  2. ‘You cry, but this is life. You have to just get on with it’
  3. The level of shocking disregard for cystic fibrosis needs . . . is palpable. This Government doesn’t feel very new

For anyone interested in new technologies, check out Roger Ebert at TED talking about his jounrey to find a computer voice that would sound human! Roger Ebert: Remaking my voice.

Finally some food for thought from Headstrong boss, Tony Bates: Turning our conflicts into conversations

And in other news:

Community action central to tackling suicide, says FG

Teacher’s pet: Has there ever been a Minister for Education like Ruairí Quinn?

Job Shadow Initiative

Most suicidal people reacting to specific events, says counsellor

Special needs education claims cost €14.5m

Hard work pays off as Trinity names a record 85 scholars

Urgent need to boost literacy, says Quinn

Letter to the Editor: Living with motor neurone disease

Campaign to put suicide crisis centres close to all

Students of pioneering college course travel to Berlin

Call for literacy co-ordinator in schools

Pilot scheme boosts literacy skills

Children from poorer families face double hit at third level

Employment opportunity for people with disabilities.

Jane Lynch Battles Hearing Disability

DFI Newsletter April 2011

Frustrating delays facing special kids

The university of YouTube

An industrious view of higher education

Can Disability Be Sexy?

IVEA Congratulates City of Dublin VEC on being chosen as single awarding authority for student grants

How William drove into the Irish history books

Schizophrenia research breakthrough

Call for change in legislation to retain graduates

Scandal of illiteracy

Catherine Zeta Jones ‘received treatment for manic depression’

Children forced to wait five years for hearing aids

Special needs cuts hit thousands of children

Mental health ID checks

National newborn hearing screening to be rolled out

Education funding – Savings must start at the very top

Time to Talk, Time to Change – interactive video

Deaf children not being diagnosed ‘until it’s too late’

College grants to be paid into bank accounts

Algae genes could restore sight in the blind

Limited Resources must not become an obstacle for ratifying the Disability Convention

Pupils with special needs may face resource teacher shortage

I took the title of this weeks post from this wonderful, inspirational video (again from the TED Talk Series) on how entrepreneur Mick Ebeling built an open-source invention allowed an artist with locked in syndrome to write and draw. What I particularly like about this initiative is that it is low cost and accessible to those of us who aren’t millionaires! Again, another seven minutes that you should definitely take the time out to watch:



In other news then: