Survey on access to leisure for all

Enable Ireland is asking people with disabilities and parents of children with disabilities to take part in an online survey on their experiences of social and leisure activities. In 2008, research for the organisation showed that two out of three people with a disability found it difficult to access any form of social or leisure activity.

The survey is available online here. Results will be released in advance of Action Week on Disability, which will take place from 14th-19th September 2009.

Careers Fairs are kicking off soon. To get you ready check out this:

For more information go to their website

Presentations and public speaking

One of my favourite bloggers, Rowan Manahan, has finally put all the presentation stuff he talks about and all his useful tips and so on into a separate blog: You can find it here. Many people have a horror of public speaking and presenting, and this is a really good way to learn more about it.

A different approach to job seeking

One person is trying twitter and facebook and linkedin, and a website, to see if it helps him get a job. Check out his site here. Either way, you can’t say he isn’t trying!

I came across this on Fortifyyouroasis and then found this as a consequence.  I really planned on keeping it for later in the year, but well, it made me laugh a lot so I had to share….Plus, it’s actually rather brilliant.

(yes, I know I’m being vague, but I really want you to read it and I don’t want to give the game away…)

updated: link fixed – sorry about that.

On the way into work yesterday morning, I was listening to the Tubridy show on the radio and I heard Rowan Manahan being interviewed about job hunting, cv’s, interviews, specifically because of the dreaded R word (recession) It’s something I get asked a lot about. What he had to say made sense, and I went back to listen to the other 2 interviews he did on this area – maybe it’ll be of use to some of you (whether you’re looking for a job or thinking of changing jobs) You can check out Rowan’s blog or go look at the archives for the show or go to the Tubridy Show archives here (August & September)

I’ll come back to this area and post more and more about this over time, as I find more and more sources for advice and information. It is probably one of the most difficult things any of us do – hunt jobs, but there is a lot of information out there on how best to go about it. Any of you have any favourite pieces of advice, or know the best people to ask? If so, please do tell!