We were delighted to hear Sinead Kane, a WAM Participant and supporter of AHEAD speaking to Ryan Tubridy on 2fm this week. Sinead was chatting about her career and experience as a person with a disability.

You can listen to the interview here: http://www.rte.ie/podcasts/2011/pc/pod-v-0405201115m22stubridyvisualimpaired-pid0-922536.mp3

Taken from the 2fm.ie website:

Tubridy Wednesday:

On Todays Show,

Ryan spoke to Sinead Kane, Ireland’s first Visually Impaired Solicitor. Sinead has a combination of four eye conditions which leave her with only five per cent vision, meaning that she is legally blind. Sinead was highlighting some of the issues that visually impaired people encounter. You can check out Sinead’s website www.sineadkane.ie