The AHEAD WAM Programme 2012


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So another year, another annual conference done and dusted! ‘The real risk is doing nothing – supporting nursing and midwfiery students in clinical practice’ was an absolutely resounding success! We had presenters from the USA, the UK and Ireland and delegates from not only from colleges but also a high proporton from the HSE.

Here is a snippet fo a video created specifically for the conference by our keynote speaker, Susan Fleming:

All of the presentations as well as some videos  of the talks are available here on our AHEAD website

If you are interested in reading through the clinical guidelines which were launched at the conference, you can do so here:  Supporting Nursing & Midwifery Students in Clinical Practice: A Resource Guide for Clinical and Academic Staff

We are currently in the midst of putting together a conferenc publication and that will be available online by April.


You know when you write a blog post/report/something and spend ages writing and formatting and getting it perfect before you send it off to someone?? And then you delete it or lose it at the last minute? Well that just happened to me! So this is my second (and considerably shorter) blog post about the recent World Café Event in the Kilmainham Hilton Hotel!


Don’t know what a world café is? Then check out the website


Anyways, all I really wanted to do was to put up some of the quotes from the students who attended. The event was about finding out from them, what college is like for a student with a disability, not from a Disability Officer or an Access Officer or a Student Union officer. We wanted to students to speak for themselves and tell us first hand how it is.


The quotes are not intended to reflect any particular trend or issue – they were just the ones that struck me, humbled me, made me laugh and in the case of one or two… made me want to cry.

  • Acceptance is a two way thing
  • Empathise not sympathise
  • Not having to explain or justify your disability to DSS
  • The self confidence that you get from knowing about your disability
  • A disability is like having freckles: it’s something you’re born with but shouldn’t make a difference!
  • It’s not about disability, it’s about the person!
  • How do you Jacobs get the figs into fig rolls?
  • With the proper support I can do anything
  • Why do people not believe in us?
  • How do we change the focus from “disability” to “ability”?
  • Supports are there for a reason – don’t let them be taken away
  • Stop expecting silence when you cut out funding
  • My experience has been torture
  • There is nothing more upsetting than becoming a statistic
  • Discrimination does exist and should be considered a criminal offence
  • No one has the right to deny me education because it is inconvenient to them
  • I am neither a statistic nor less than any other person
  • Love the optimism, enthusiasm and all the bad jokes. I really like the way people are really friendly and open minded;
  • Haven’t eaten so much in one day!
  • Don’t think I’ve ever been so proud to be disabled.