Marian McCarthy, Programme Coordinator for the Postgraduate Certificate, Diploma and Masters in Teaching and Learning at UCC gave an incredible stage performance as coordinator of a simulated Major Disaster. From this, she explored the complex and multi-layered simulation afforded by role-playing. Marian’s interests include the role of Drama and Theatre in Education, Applied Drama/Theatre, the Visual Arts and Mime and Dance.


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There are so many options for postgraduate study


Staff Picks:

‘I use Braille to do my school work’

When access to college changes lives

Many hands make light work for students

Higher & Further Education News & Views

Colleges to face grilling on antisocial students

IT Sligo students to conduct study into smackin

VEC gets legal advice over reports

UCC honours top graduate

Minister wants to scrap test for medical schools

Students take case over grant cuts

Preparing to go places

Ireland needs, now more than ever, to evolve a new kind of technological university to take us forward


Disability Headlines

Genetics and man-made chemicals equally to blame, say researchers

Scleroderma affects everything that I do

Checklist can tell if toddlers’ language skills are up to scratch

Cannabis-based treatment could be cleared for MS patients

A helping hand

Doing the best for our children

State’s services must catch up with what parents already know

Huge generosity for ‘bionic ear’ boy

‘Life-changing’ results from spinal pain relief trial

Good vibrations: Deaf boy to show off keyboard skills

Isolating a Child With Disabilities Can Do Life-Long Damage

Patients with cystic fibrosis wait for beds


General Education Stories

Mentoring for migrants

A studied response: Minister replies to request to ban homework

Ruairí Quinn reverses 235 legacy post cuts from DEIS primary schools

Quinn: ‘I got it wrong on DEIS school cuts’

Mixed reaction to Deis cuts U-turn

Parents and schools criticise cuts to capitation grants

The Strength of people power

Disadvantaged schools

State retains teaching jobs but slashes school grants

Quinn ‘back of the class material’, say students

Martin calls for right to Catholic education to be respected

Quinn rules out teaching cash management at primary level

Libya looks to Ireland as a model for education reform

‘Primary teachers know how to teach children – secondary teachers know how to teach subjects’

In My Opinion: Time for fee-charging schools to take another look at their policies

The computer clubs training the whizz kids of tomorrow


Mental Health in the Media

Finding a light in the dark

Conference bids to remove ‘mental health stigma’

Irish people ’embarrassed’ about counselling

Gaelic players part of mental health partnership


Employment Features

Minister revives plan to shift sick pay burden

Burton: Employers should pay for sick leave

Law graduates urged to sign up to intern scheme


AHEAD in the News:

UCC head’s views are ‘widespread’

Heated argument


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Back to the future – where are they now?

Death of tireless campaigner for the vulnerable

Most influential and finest journalist of last 25 years

The Case for a Four-Day Work Week

The only way is up when you upskill


Higher & Further Education News & Views

Entry points for colleges to rise

Seven steps to CAO success

Colleges spend €750k on taxis in two years

Sporting chance beckons in NY

UK academic to head science body

DCU to lead €3.75m science initiative

Irish mathematician cracks immunity code

UCC head rejects criticism from staff over speech

Disabled or disadvantaged?

Jobs boost is reason to go to college

The rule is simple: list CAO courses in order of preference

Help your children in the career process

Are you eligible for a grant or a scholarship?

DARE Application Advice Clinics


Disability Headlines

Offering stepping stones to local manufacturing

Race against time to fund ‘bubble’ boy’s life-saving surgery

Life-changing op to help Casey dance after €30,000 raised

Cerebral palsy boy’s assistance dog banned from school

Dental care for disabled kids

I was told I’d never walk again — today I’m aiming for the Olympics

Isolated twins now talking to world thanks to student project

Hospital doesn’t have to revive disabled boy

We’ve got wheels

Hands On


General Education Stories

Budding boffins put projects under microscope

Science & Innovation – Embracing change is key

Opposites do not subtract

Science key to future of State – Kenny

Minister calls for review of teacher cuts at disadvantaged schools

Rabbitte leads delegation to lobby Quinn

Prioritise maths in primary school, says NCC report

At-risk school schemes improve learning

Primary school prepares for the worst

Principal offers to buy e-voting machine — for €1

Ruairi Quinn admits DEIS cuts mistake


Mental Health in the Media

Suicide agency names ambassador

Senator: Suicide policy not working

Suicide debate highlights mental health

I needed a break from ‘me’

HSE trains groups in suicide prevention

Mental hospital ‘should remain in public hands’


Employment Features

Man with a plan to get people ‘back to work’

Bruton says new initiative aims to generate thousands of jobs

Courses encourage jobless into education

Waterford firm to create 250 jobs

A day early as we’re all off to Building the Future tomorrow!

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Cap on student numbers proposed for third level

US envoy says voices of disabled must be heard

Call to enlist teachers’ views in deciding college entry

Total Amelia teen lauded for efforts in community

Irish students lost in translation

We must take the burden off young shoulders


Higher & Further Education News & Views

Developing higher education management: live chat best bits

Students challenge higher university fees in UK courts

Winning the double: Dublin’s key mentor picks up two university honours

Students say cap on third-level numbers would be disastrous

Entry to third level – Assessment is worth considering

Macro, micro and neutrino

Judge IT crowd by the same standards

UCC could clean up with its non-stick gum

Galway scientists help unravel genetic code of food crop

No decision on cutting student numbers

Stay in touch, NUIG asks graduates

New site for DIT faces the axe in cutbacks


Disability Headlines

Disability hate speech has no place anywhere – not even online

Report: 4,500 more intellectually disabled to seek assistance

Judge calls for sex offence law to be consolidated with reform

Transplant patient inspires Taoiseach to be an organ donor

A disability that nobody can see

What is life like for a teenage prodigy?

Fewer support marriage rights for those with disabilities

New cystic fibrosis inhaler hailed as a revolution for patients

Fewer support marriage rights for those with disabilities

DPP urges reform of disability sex laws

‘Protection’ breaches human rights

‘Locked-in’ patients still aware, test shows

British amputee first to be fitted with bionic leg


General Education Stories

Teachers warn Quinn they won’t assess work by their own pupils

Key changes to junior syllabus

Primary school transport charges set to double

Talk of job cuts is ‘soul-destroying’ for teachers – union

To Be Honest: An unheard voice in education

Quinn resolute on Junior Cert reform

Fast-food ban near schools proposed to fight child obesity

In My Opinion: Tackling our insecurites about languages is vital to the economy

Harsh lessons lie ahead for our graduate teachers

Kenny says work being done on education return scheme


Mental Health in the Media

Restoring lives as a mental health survivor

Shedding light on seasonal depression

Comedian felt it ‘was the end’ during years when business dried up

Schools play vital role in mental health

Strain on mental health services expected to grow


Employment Features

Four Destructive Myths Most Companies Still Live By

Consultants to review intern ‘job’ scheme