State Agencies

The Equality Authority

The Equality Authority seeks to achieve positive change in the situation and experience of those groups and individuals experiencing inequality by stimulating and supporting a commitment to equality, within the systems and practices of key organisations and institutions, as part of the cultural values espoused by society and as a dimension to individual attitudes and actions.

They are the people to talk to if you’ve any queries about your rights, entitlements, issues of discrimination, and legislation amongst other things.

The Equality Tribunal

The Equality Tribunal is the impartial forum to hear or mediate complaints of alleged discrimination under equality legislation. It is independent and quasi-judicial and its decisions and mediated settlements are legally binding. The Equality Tribunal is the place to bring a claim whereas the Equality Authority can only advise and support a claimant.

The National Disability Authority

The National Employment Rights Authority (NERA)

Jobs Sites

These are sites that advertise jobs, but most of them do more than that. They often offer advice and articles about job hunting, the job market, do’s & don’ts. Some will suit you better than other, but it’s worth checking them out.

The sites listed below don’t advertise jobs, but instead offer general career advice and information.


Our funders for this project, FÁS is the state training agency and source of grants and job advertisements

Grad Ireland

This site covers it all: detailed advice on job hunting, career planning and lots of jobs and employers advertising, careers events and so on.

Graduate Careers Ireland

This is the representative body for Careers Services in higher education in Ireland, north and south. Its mission is to be an effective association representing third level career services in Ireland by promoting and facilitating best practice and included amongst its members are 25 Universities, Higher Education Institutes and Institutes of Technology.

Other Organisations/ Projects working in the same area

The Irish Congress of Trade Unions – Disability Champions Project


The O2 Ability Awards


General information

Community Exchange –

Lists of voluntary agencies, their events, training and so on.

Citizens Information Board

This has all public service information in Ireland.

Department of Social and Family Affairs –

To find out what allowances or benefits you may be entitled to, and how they work. Worth checking out in conjunction with the Citizens Information Board to see if you’re missing out on any supports that are there.


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